Kiran Chetry


Kiran Chetry is an award-winning TV journalist, anchor and host.

She has more than 25 years’ experience reporting, anchoring, and hosting national TV broadcasts at CNN, the Fox News Channel, and NBC Universal. She recently hosted an award-winning series on Automation for” Business Insider” and has appeared as a panelist and commentator on the NewsNation network program Dan Abrams Live.

Kiran was born at Shanta Bhawan hospital in Nepal. Her father is Nepali, and her mother is an American Peace Corps volunteer who taught in Sano Thimi, Bhaktapur. When she was a baby, her parents left Nepal and came to the US. Kiran graduated with honors from the University of Maryland’s College of Journalism.

Kiran loves to spend time with her husband Isaac, daughter Maya, son Chris, and stepdaughter Clare, who all attend the same high school.  She also looks forward to visits from her stepsons Brendan, a junior at Colgate, and Conor, a freshman at Lehigh.

She plays tennis, paddle tennis, and yoga. She loves her two dogs, Maisy and Charlie.

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