Teacher Training


They’re SDG-achieving,
GDP-boosting agents of limitless possibility.

UWS employs and trains teachers from the local community to work alongside teachers the government provides. This approach ensures education is locally contextualized and strengthens links between communities and our schools.

Building local teaching capacity

Every year a child stays in education equates to a 9% uplift in future earnings. Our teacher training program improves learning experiences, so children stay in school longer and maximize their potential. Our aim is for our teachers to have the knowledge, skills, and values to deliver quality, inclusive education and to be engaged in their own professional development.

Over a 5-year period, our school development program nurtures teaching talent and helps them build quality education practices into UWS schools.

Transforming the classroom experience

We believe that training programs should have lasting impact on school leadership, environments, and student outcomes as well as teacher confidence, motivation and well-being. Our training program is designed to give teachers the tools they need to deliver a positive, child-centred learning experience. Delivered via regional workshops and school-based training sessions, the program covers everything from classroom management to student assessment, active (rather than rote-style) learning to child protection and safeguarding.

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