and safe in the classroom,
they’re given a fair chance to pursue
a future they choose.

At UWS schools, we give children of all genders and backgrounds the opportunity to learn so they can develop the skills they need to thrive in the future.

Multilingual education systems

There are 27 languages spoken in Cambodia and more than 120 in Myanmar. We work in some of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world, where creating inclusive education systems relies on multilingual education. By employing teachers from within communities, who speak the children’s mother language, we help students learn the national language, whilst also protecting indigenous languages and cultures.

UWS won the prestigious UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize for the contribution our projects are making to the fight for literacy for all.

Promoting gender-responsive learning

Gender parity in access to education doesn’t automatically guarantee gender equality within the classroom. We’re training teachers to challenge inequalities in the classroom and shape learning environments that represent the needs of all students. But fighting gender discrimination demands changes at all levels of society. Through projects such as our Girls’ clubs and Mothers’ Groups in Cambodia and Nepal, we’re working in communities to support girls to build self-confidence, leadership skills and knowledge of their bodies and rights. And our Child Protection Policy and procedures ensure our inclusive approach is integrated into everything we do.

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