Patrick Eai Hsu

Country Director, UWS Myanmar

Personal Values: Love, Gratitude, Respect and Joy

Core Skills: Listening, Communication, Patience and Cooperation

I am part of UWS because:

I love the core values of UWS mission, which is providing education for marginalized children. I was born in a very remote area and I know how difficult education is for the children from those areas. Moreover, if I get older and when I look back I will be proud of myself as I was part of this amazing and difficult work for the children. And also, I love working with ethnic local people, the areas where UWS Myanmar operates are very remote but on the other hand, it is very beautiful. Last but not least, the people I am working with are very nice. I learned a lot from them. I somehow got the motivation from them.

Favorite quote of the moment:

It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” – Aristotle

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