On the first day, students took charge of their surroundings, rolling up their sleeves to clean the school environment and sow the seeds of change by planting trees. Through these activities, they learned firsthand the value of keeping their surroundings clean and contributing to a healthier ecosystem, symbolizing their commitment to nurturing nature.

The second day was dedicated to educating students about the 4R principles: Reuse, Recycle, Reduce, and Refuse. The workshops and interactive sessions conducted by the school authorities taught them creative ways to incorporate these principles into their daily lives, fostering a sense of responsibility toward waste management.

Day three saw students actively practicing recycling by sorting and recycling various recyclable products. Through hands-on experiences, they understood the significance of recycling in minimizing waste and conserving resources. Simultaneously, they engaged in raising awareness among their peers and the local community about the importance of responsible waste management.

Building upon this momentum, the fourth day witnessed impactful awareness rallies. Students, armed with colorful banners and passionate voices, took to the streets, spreading the message of beating plastic pollution. Their energetic presence caught the attention of the community, instigating conversations and inspiring others to take action.

Finally, on the fifth day, the schools organized a range of Extracurricular Activities (ECAs), providing a platform for students to showcase their creativity and express their love for the environment. Poetry recitals, storytelling sessions, essay writing competitions, and artistic expressions brought forth a wave of inspiration, uniting the students in their commitment to protect and cherish their natural surroundings.

UWS Nepal’s World Environment Week campaign instilled a sense of environmental stewardship within their students. Through practical actions, educational initiatives, and creative expressions, the event fostered a deep connection between the students and their environment. The seeds of awareness and activism sown during this celebration will continue to grow, empowering the future generation to become agents of positive change, making a lasting impact on their communities and the world at large.

We would like to thank all our students, teachers, principals, SMCs, PTAs, Mother’s Groups, community members, School Mobilizers, and Education Officers who contributed to making this campaign a huge success.