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Daniel, Teacher

May 16, 2022

My name is Daniel (name changed), I come from Antsepoke and I live here, I am a community teacher, I manage the G3 class which includes 17 students.

I got my BAC in 2020 and I did a year in college in economics. While I was still in college, I gave tutoring to young people in the Terminale class.

Regarding David, I find him to be a well-behaved, obedient, and intelligent student and a very attentive child. As he has a good behavior, I often congratulate him in the class and the other students imitate him so he has become a good example for the others. We have not yet made the proclamation, but he will be the first in the class.

Since UWS has been working in this school, I have noticed that the children are motivated to go to school and the parents are also very happy because before this school did not function normally, the teachers were absent most of the time. I have also noticed that they are pushing their children to go to school. I wish that all the students of this school have a good level, so that even if they go to other cities or succeed in life, they will be the pride of the school and the village.