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February 14, 2024

United World Schools

8 mins

Despite what we typically see in the news, and on social media, the world is flowing with love. In fact, here at UWS, we see love everywhere we go.

It might sound cheesy, but it’s true. From Madagascar to Nepal, to Cambodia to Myanmar – and back again.
Access to quality education changes lives dramatically, but differently. No two stories are ever the same. And yet – love is the common thread in every story we tell.

This week, we’re sharing stories of the generous professionals who put so much passion and care into each UWS school you fund.

You see? Love links our supporters, teams and rural communities, guiding our vision and driving our work.
It allows our teams to be relentlessly dedicated to reaching the most challenging-to-access communities.
It inspires children in London, Berlin, and beyond to raise money for quality education each year.
It empowers mother’s like Falina to push for their children’s more prosperous futures.

Love is as formidable, essential and life-transforming as, well, education is.
Thank you for being part of our mission to love the world by providing sustainable access to quality education. We’re deeply grateful for you.

From UWS, With Love