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Kabia, Teacher

March 5, 2024

My name is Kabia and I am 26 years old. I have been teaching in this school since February 7, 2023.

Before that I was working in a sea cucumber project. When that stopped, there was the recruitment at UWS, I applied and here I am. It was an amazing opportunity, but in reality I had taught before. I really enjoyed it but circumstances made me stop. We had no pay and life was hard. So when the cucumber project came along, I stopped. Then UWS came along offering a monthly salary, so I came back.

Rose is my student, she is wise and one of the most brilliant in my class. She especially has the courage to speak up when there is something she doesn’t understand. The creation of this new school has brought a lot of changes to the village.

Children have regular classes, which was not happening before. The teachers did as they wanted and a lot of children did not go to school. When I was a child, I wanted to become either a teacher or work in the military. In the end I became a teacher. In this school, the children are very diligent. The only time they are absent is when they are sick. They even ask for extra lessons on Saturdays, so we’ll see how to make that happen.