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Mahefa, Father

June 19, 2023

I am from Ankotapike, and I am the father of Mika (name changed). My name is Mahefa (name changed), I work as a collector of crabs, producer of local rum (toka gasy) and also I have a grocery store – these are the jobs that help me to support myself and my family.

I have six children, two girls and four boys. Five of them go to the school built by UWS except for the last one who has not yet reached school age.

I am motivated to send my children to school because I want them to be well educated and have advanced levels of education. Now, thanks to the school built by UWS, our children are becoming well educated and polite and I also see that the attendance of the teachers has improved compared to last year. And I even see a big change in Mika because I can trust him to help me with small tasks; for example, giving change to someone buying things at the grocery shop.

The parents here in Ankotapike send all their children to school and this is since the school opened this year. We also notice that the neighboring villages also send their children to study here. This proves that parents are motivated in the education of their children.