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Nandar Oo, Teacher

September 22, 2023

“I will keep on smiling no matter how hard it is.”

Nandar Oo, born in Ho Hwan Village (Kyaing Tong Township), is currently serving in the Ja Ka Village (Tachileik Town) as a community teacher. There are five members in her family.

“When I was young, there were no primary school or secondary school in my village. I had to walk at least two hours to reach the primary school which is in the another village. As my parents are farmers, they could not afford to support me. Luckily, the village tract leader supported me and sent me to another village for my education. That was part of the changes in my life. When I passed grade 8, I got an idea. The idea was to serve my community in any ways that I can. I believe in God. God gave me a chance to become a teacher. I have been working as a community teacher for more than a year. It was not easy to work in the new community as I came from Kyaing Tong and now I am serving in another township. But I do believe that I can cross any difficulties by smiling. I will keep on smiling no matter how hard it is for the lovely students that I have. I want them to become educated people in the future” said Nandar Oo.