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Nar Mee Shel, Mother & Teacher

June 13, 2023

Nar Mee Shel (Pseudonym) is a mother and a teacher of UWS Hoe Main School.

She was born in an extended family. She is the eighth among the nine siblings. Seeing many people in the village unable to speak Burmese (official language), she wanted to become a teacher since she was young. She has been working with UWS since 2019. She got married in the posting school village called Hoe Main.

Being a mother, she needs to adjust between teaching and taking care of her baby. When she is at home, she looks after the baby and prepares the teaching aids. Before leaving to school, she makes sure the baby’s food is ready and sends the baby to relatives and grandparents.

Nar Mee Shel takes the responsibility for Grade 3, Grade 4 and KG classes and teaches Math, Myanmar and Science. She said “of course there are times when teaching is challenging, especially when my lesson plans do not work out exactly as planned. But when I see the students doing well and engaging with the lessons, I feel motivated to teach and give more than what I have.” It is obvious that students improve in their language proficiency because when Education Officers visits the school, the students can communicate with them in Burmese.

Nar Mee Shel is really excited to attend the in-service training and she believes that she will get a lot of knowledge and skills that will beneficial for her students and her professional development.