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Penta, Mother

February 16, 2024

My name is Penta (name changed), I live in Antsepoke, I am a housewife. I have eight children, 4 boys (including David, student) and 4 girls, 3 of them are in school and the others are already grown

My children all went to school but they all stopped in G5 because I can’t afford to pay for their official exam. I like to send my children to school so that they can have a better future and also help us when they succeed but we couldn’t send them further [than G5] because of poverty. Since the rehabilitation of the school and also since UWS intervened, it is now that we realize that our children will have a quality education because before there was just the building but no school. The reason why the children were not motivated before. For example, it was only two months after the beginning of the school year that the teachers arrived and taught for only one week and then they left. But now it’s not the same and we parents are happy because we see that our children are motivated to go to school and that the teachers are diligent.