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School Transition in Cambodia

December 8, 2022

Partner Schools

1 mins

The team has been preparing 20 UWS schools in Ratanakiri and Stung Treng Provinces to fully transition to government and community responsibility by the end of December.

The necessary agreements with the relevant government and community bodies which hand over all legal and financial responsibility have been signed. UWS held meetings together with the Provincial Office of Education (POE), Commune Councils, teachers, SSCs, and Village Chiefs at each school to remind each stakeholder of how they must monitor the school and each of their responsibilities to work together to effectively govern and sustain the school.

The UWS Building Team has been performing final school maintenance checks and will complete all necessary maintenance and upgrades by December.

Pros, UWS Community Development Manager and Inclusive Education Lead, provided training to each Commune Council on how to support UWS schools. Pros also delivered inclusion training to Commune Councils, Headteachers and SSCs to ensure they each understand their role in inclusive education, maintain UWS’ standards, and the school continues to welcome all children to enroll.

In December, the Headteachers and Secretaries of the 20 schools will take part in a 3-day in-person training in Ratanakiri or Stung Treng Province, led by UWS and the POE. The training aims to ensure each Headteacher has the skills and confidence to effectively govern and sustain the school and to provide the opportunity for Headteachers to connect with others in their province.

The training will focus on building administration and finance skills (e.g. how to request local funding from the Commune Council), communication skills to effectively work with local authorities, leadership skills, and child protection and inclusion.