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Srey Da, Student

May 19, 2023

Srey Da (name changed) was born in Ta Lart Thmey village. She is 11 years old, and the oldest of two children, her younger sibling is 2 years old.

She studies in Grade 6 at UWS Ta Lart Thmey School and she is an outstanding students in class.

Srey Da’s parents are farmers. “They are works as farmers. It’s really tough and hard, so they don’t me to be like them. They want me to be educated so that I will have a bright future,” says Srey Da.

So since Srey Da went to school for the first time (Ta Lart Thmey School). She is a good student who always studied hard and tries all her best with her study. She is very friendly in school with other friends. The subject she likes the most is Mathematics.