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Srey Neang, Student

January 1, 2024

I am Srey Neang (pseudonym) and I study in grade 6 at Saeng Ma primary school.

I was born at Saeng Ma village, Sreh Sombo commune, Siem Pang district, Steung Treng Province. My father’s name is Dam Ork and mother’s name is Chan Nam. I have 4 siblings and I am the first child in the family. I like all subjects, but my favorite subject is Mathematics, because I am very good at calculating numbers. I also like drawing and painting. I love my teachers and my friends. The teachers give me knowledge, teach me how to become a good student, be a good child and good person in the society. After school, I always help my parents to do housework, look after my siblings, do laundry, wash dishes etc.

UWS brings the new learning opportunity to every child in this village by providing the school, resources and community teachers, so everybody has the same opportunity to access education.

I am very proud and thank UWS and UWS Donors to build a beautiful school with teacher house, toilet, and library for our village, so my friend and I can access to education in this remote area. UWS, we will remember you, we promise that we will try to study hard and commit to continue to secondary school and high schools.”