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Srey Pov, Student

January 10, 2024

Srey Pov (Pseudonym) is 12 years old and she is an ethnic minority living in La Muey village, Kok Lak commune, Vern Sai district, Ratanakiri province.

She was studying at La Muey School in 2019. This year, she is in grade 6. She is an outstanding student in the school.

Her parents are farmers. They are working hard to support all of their children’s learning. Srey Pov has 5 siblings including her. She is the youngest child in the family.

“All students and I are very proud and happy to be in school, we met a lot of new friends, we could learn something new.”

Her parents are strongly supporting her to go to school, giving advice and encouraging her to study hard. They explained to her why she needs to study hard. In the future, she will have an opportunity to get a good job, develop the society, community and the next generation in her village.

She likes all subjects, but her favourite subjects are Khmer and Math, because these two subjects are very important and the teachers focus on these lessons.

She is a good student and child. She always helps her parents with the housework before and after school. In the future, she would like to be a teacher, because she thinks that teachers are very good at transferring and sharing ideas and knowledge to the next generation in La Muey.

“I like UWS School, because I can learn everything new and I can make friends.“ said Srey Pov.