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Thomas and Phe Shee Nar, Parents and Teachers

February 15, 2024

Thomas (pseudonym) and Phe Shee Nar(pseudonym), have been serving at UWS Myanmar schools with passion and dedication for an extended duration. They are a married couple blessed with two sons and a daughter.

While their eldest son is currently enrolled in a school in Yangon, the two younger children accompany them at the village. Since 2018, they have been working with UWS as community teachers within UWS Law San Shee School.

In 2022 Phe Shee Nar was reassigned to UWS Mon Mong School, a journey that takes approximately forty minutes to reach from the village via motorbike. On the other hand, Thomas was posted at UWS Nar Kyawt School in Kyaing Tong. Subsequently, in August 2022, he assumed the role of a Lead Teacher.

As a father, Thomas faces the challenges of balancing his professional responsibilities with his family life. He prioritizes his job and steps in to manage tasks that his wife is unable to handle, dedicating his weekends to such matters. He spends quality time with his children exclusively during extended holidays.

Meanwhile, Phe Shee Nar bears the responsibility of looking after the children and attending to household chores, given her husband’s frequent absences. She shares insights into her daily routine: “I need to rise early to prepare meals for the children and depart for school at 7:30 AM, with my kids.”

Thomas and Phe Shee Nar emphasize their commitment to serving underserved communities and their willingness to continue as long as the organization requires their assistance. Myanmar is replete with numerous regions lacking access to education, and they extend their wishes for UWS’ continual growth and outreach to those areas.