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A School in a National Park?

December 8, 2022

Partner Schools

1 mins

UWS Hedangnagadi, Sankhuwasabha, resides inside the Makalu Barun National Park.

It is one of our most-difficult-to-reach schools. For holiday fun activities for grades 6 and 7, craft making using locally sourced materials. Bibek Ratna Shakya led the 3-day craft activity as a part of the Dropout Prevention Program interventions. The motif behind this activity was:

“Exploring their local culture and environment through education feels like one of the best ways to create sustainable effects on the community,” Bibek Ratna Shakya, UWS Fellow.

So far, in all 39 communities where the holiday fun activities are implemented, both students and community members have expressed positive feedback.

“We are optimistic that these interventions will keep our students at high risk engaged with UWS Nepal and give them reasons to want to continue their educational journeys,” Anuj Sigdel, Education Officer, Gulmi district.