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Edmo, Teacher

February 20, 2023

My name is Edmo (name changed), teacher of the G2 in Ankotapike’s school.

I am Mika’s teacher. What I like most about Mika is that he is really motivated to go to school and moreover, he likes learning. He has a quick capacity to acquire knowledge. When I explain the lesson, he is able to understand faster than his friends. And when he doesn’t understand what I’m explaining, he immediately raises his hand to ask questions. On top of that, he follows the instructions I give him. When he goes to school, he knows how to be clean. I am really excited to have a student like Mika here in my class.

Personally, I have changed a lot in the way I teach because this is the first time I have received training. And it was possible because of UWS. Before, I was teaching but I don’t even know how I am going to teach. But now, with the training I received, I have made some improvements. I hope that I will have more training so that I can improve even more.